Update Your Employee Handbook for 2023

Employment laws and regulations can change frequently at the federal, state and local levels. Companies need to ensure that their policies and procedures align with current laws to avoid legal issues and liabilities.

Updating the handbook helps maintain compliance with the latest legal requirements. Annual reviews of employee handbooks keep you proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to workplace issues. 

Let HR Allies update your Employee Handbooks with 2023’s new employment regulations, so your business is protected from avoidable HR liability.

Update Your 2023 Employee Handbook

Does Your Handbook Include these New Legal Requirements for 2023? 


New Federal Requirements for Employers, Including:

  • National Labor Relations Board’s New Standard for Workplace Rules
  • New Form I-9 Virtual Verification Procedures
  • Mandatory Pregnancy and Childbirth Accommodations
  • Expanded Religious Accommodation Requirements
  • New Definitions of Sexual and Other Illegal Harassment

    New State Requirements for Employers including:

    • Mandatory Unpaid Leave of Absence Benefits
    • Expanded Religious Accommodation Requirements
    • Mandatory E-Verify Participation
    • Hairstyle Discrimination Prohibition
    • Employee Firearms Rights
    • Meal and Rest Break Requirements

                       Update Your 2022 Employee Handbook

    Have you taken care of updates for 2022? If not, we can help with those also!


    New Federal Requirements for Employers, Including:

    • Lactation Accommodation Requirements
    • Exclusions to Company Confidentiality Requirements
    • USERRA Protections for Newly Eligible Employees

        New State Laws including:

        • Paid Sick Leave Expansions
        • Mandatory Unpaid Leave Benefits
        • Marijuana Usage Acceptance
        • Bans on Non-Compete Agreements
        • Notifications for Employee Electronic Monitoring


          Additional Cost

          *Package includes legal updates to relevant policies only, not unique company policies. Price includes updates with federal laws and one U.S. state laws (California excluded.) For additional states’ compliance updates, ask for pricing. 


          Danielle M. Verderosa has more than 25 years of Human Resources Experience and is the Founder and President of HR Allies, a human resources advisory firm that specializes in Human Resources compliance and provides fractional Chief HR Officer services for small, medium, and growth-oriented businesses.

          Most recently a Vice President of Human Resources for a 4,100-employee company with locations in 15 states, Danielle holds the HR industry’s highest credentials and is committed to bringing high-level HR knowledge to businesses without their own internal expertise. 




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