Danielle M. Verderosa

Danielle M. Verderosa

President, HR Allies

Your Toxic Employee is a Moldy Blueberry

I’ve seen a lot written about the workplace misery caused by bullying, toxic managers lately.

But what about toxic employees?

Just as there are more non-managers in the workplace, there are more toxic employees who make life miserable for co-workers, too.

There are many different kinds of toxic employees. Some are bullies. But they can also be arrogant, drama-filled, know-it-all-y, negative, obnoxious, lazy, and lots of other undesirable personality traits.

So what should a manager do when they have a toxic employee that’s poisoning the company atmosphere and culture?

Don’t ignore it. Even if you don’t have a “No Jerk” policy at work and there’s no work rule against being obnoxious, you’ve got to confront the toxicity. It’s bringing down your whole team.

As my favorite-guilty-pleasure Judge Judy often says:  one moldy blueberry in the bunch ruins all the good blueberries.

So managers — stamp out that toxic behavior as soon as you see it.  It’s probable that the toxic employee doesn’t even know he (or she) is toxic, and it’s the manager’s job to bring that to his attention.

Tell me about a toxic co-worker you had!

And if you’re a manager and want to practice having a constructive conversation with a toxic employee of yours, click below to schedule a free consultation and I’d love to run through how this conversation should go!

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