• The Lazy Slacker
  • The Big Jerk
  • The Negative Complainer
  • The Drama King/Queen
  • The Close-Minded Know-It-All
  • The Needy Incompetent
  • The Emotional Wreck
  • The Vicious Gossip

Toxic Employees Cost You Money Every Day.

If you have a Toxic Employee on your team, you know there are direct and indirect costs associated with their toxic behavior.  How costly?  A groundbreaking study from Harvard Business School found that a single toxic employee costs your company $12,000 a year. 

You wouldn’t keep an employee who stole $12,000 from you – so why tolerate a Toxic Employee? HR Allies is your partner in effectively solving the Toxic Employee problem, clearing the way to let your employees get back to work – and enjoy their workplace – without distraction.

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