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Designed for companies with 15 to 99 employees, HR Allies’ small business HR solutions are effective, compliant, and cost-efficient.

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HR Assessments, Audits & Action Plans

Worried you’re making HR mistakes or accidentally breaking employment laws out of ignorance? Let HR Allies confidentially audit your current HR practices; assess your compliance with current federal, state, and local employment laws relevant to your organization; look for missed opportunities to strengthen your relationship with your employees; and provide you with an Action Plan that identifies your risks on a scale of “most critical” to “less critical.”

Best of all — our Action Plans tell you exactly what you need to do to correct or improve your current HR practices, so you can close any gaps and stop worrying.

Reports start at just $725.00 — a small fraction of what HR non-compliance could cost your company.

HR Foundations

No time or interest in setting up your company’s Human Resources function yourself? Each missing piece of your HR Foundation creates unnecessary risk for businesses with even a single employee.

Don’t risk a costly fine or penalty out of neglect or ignorance of HR compliance. HR Allies creates customized HR foundational documents for your small business at an affordable price. Whether you just need an annual update to your Employee Handbook; some customized foundational documents added to your existing HR program; or an entire turn-key HR process created from scratch, HR Allies makes sure that your company’s interests are protected.

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Chief HR Officer On Call

Our clients know what they don’t know — and how to legally and correctly handle all types of employee issues and tackle other strategic HR imperatives are things to outsource to an expert.

Starting at just $375.00 per month, our “Human Resources Executive On Call” service gives business leaders peace of mind knowing that they can meet virtually and regularly with an HR expert who’s gotten to know their unique business needs, and that sound advice about ad hoc HR challenges is only a call, email, text, or virtual meeting away.

HR Allies’ “HR Executive On Call” service is significantly less expensive than having an employment attorney answer employment law questions. And unlike attorneys, our HR Executives have decades of real-world employee management and employee relations experience, so we know just how to communicate with your employees to achieve your best outcome.

Want to try out the HR Executive on Call service? Schedule a free 20-minute consultation and let’s talk about your most challenging HR issue!

Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks should be called “employer’s handbooks” because they do more to promote your legal HR compliance than any other tool in your HR practice. Businesses of all sizes need an updated employee handbook: the investment is small compared to the potential cost of accidentally violating government employment regulations.

Our most-popular product is our customized Employee Handbook service. We collaborate with small business owners to make sure we capture just the right tone and style that suits the company, then create your Handbook with no more but no fewer policies than what you need to formally communicate to your staff.

Already have a handbook, but wondering if it needs to be updated? HR Allies can review your current Handbook and provide you with a report that shows what local, state, or federal requirements may be missing. We’ll even recommend policy modifications or additions if we find opportunities to maximize your company’s interests. And we can update your Handbook to memorialize all the new policies your company has probably developed just in the last two years.

Click on the button below if you would like to speak to someone about your employee handbook!

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HR Hotline

Make sure that your employees have a way to voice an HR concern or file a complaint internally – before they seek outside help from clients, customers, or lawyers.  

HR Allies’ HR Hotline is an affordable, effective way for companies to introduce an independent, third-party resource for employees to report concerns — even anonymously —  like harassment, discrimination, and retaliation; unethical behavior; fraud or embezzlement; conflicts of interest; and Code of Conduct violations.

Our Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Employees can contact the HR Hotline through a toll-free phone number, email, or website.  HR Allies can report complaints back to you for your own investigation, or we can investigate them ourselves if you prefer.  

HR Hotlines help companies avoid or mitigate the financial risk of violating labor laws.  Find out more about our HR Hotline service by clicking below.

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