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HR Pro’s have one thing in common: there are never enough hours in our days to get it all done. Dozens of HR pro’s rely on HR Allies to supplement their own work, adding value and expertise that dazzles the C-Suite.
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Employee Handbook Compliance Reviews & Updates

Busy HR pro’s know that Handbooks should be updated annually, but who has time for that?

Our most-popular product is our Employee Handbook service. 

HR Allies will review your current Handbook and provide you with a report that shows what local, state, or federal requirements may be missing – especially for those overlooked remote employees. 

We’ll also recommend policy modifications or additions if we find opportunities to maximize your company’s interests.   And we can update your Handbook to memorialize all the new policies your company has probably developed just in the last two years.

Update your Handbook this year and guarantee yourself an easy WIN with the C-Suite!

Baseline HR Audits and Action Plans

Designed especially for new HR Managers, our impartial HR Audits look at your organization’s current HR practices and provide you with a roadmap of how to protect your company’s interests. of which areas to tackle first on a scale of “most critical” to “less critical.”

Engage HR Allies to assess your company’s compliance with current federal, state, and local employment laws relevant to your organization and look for missed opportunities to strengthen your relationship with your employees.

Best of all — we’ll provide you with an Action Plan that tells you exactly what you need to do to correct or improve your current HR practices, so you can close any gaps and stop worrying.

Let us examine your HR practices – before a government agency or plaintiff’s attorney does. Audits start at just $725.00 — a small fraction of what incorrect HR practices could cost your company.

Chief HR Officer On Call

Too many times, an HR Manager is faced with a never-seen-before employee situation – and has no one in their own organization who can help.

Our CHRO on Call service gives HR professionals the expert guidance they need and the one-on-one mentorship they deserve for their own professional development.

Starting at just $375.00 per month, our CHRO on Call service lets HR professionals call, email, text, or set up virtual meetings with challenging HR questions and get an expert answer from someone who’s gotten to know their unique business and staff. We won’t just send you articles to read or videos to watch; we’ll walk you step-by-step through everything you need to do for a successful, compliant outcome.

Ask your employer to Invest in your OWN professional development.  Your dedicated CHRO will mentor and guide you while we protect your company from HR risk together – and much less expensively than using an employment attorney.

Want to try out CHRO on Call?  Schedule a free 20-minute consultation and let’s talk about your most challenging employee issue!

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