HR Compliance Risk Assessments

Our affordable HR audit will discover if your business is at risk for employment law violations — before the government finds out themselves.

For most small business owners and executives, human resource compliance is the last thing on their minds. HR Allies protects your business against financial liability by identifying your potential risk so you close the gaps between your employee practices and employer requirements.
Using our proprietary “Alliance Defense” model, HR Allies will review your current HR foundations, assess your compliance with current federal, state, and local employment laws relevant to your organization, look for missed opportunities to strengthen your relationship with new employees, and provide you with a report that identifies your risks on a scale of “most critical” to “less critical.” Best of all — we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to correct or improve your current HR practices.
Reports start at just $350.00 — a small fraction of what HR non-compliance could cost your company.