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Are you confident that your Human Resources practices are in line with all the latest laws and regulations?

HR Allies is dedicated to supporting businesses like yours navigate the complexities of human resources.

We’re committed to your success, so we’re excited to offer you a FREE HR Audit Checklist. This comprehensive checklist is designed to help you assess and optimize your HR procedures, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.     

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Why You Need Our HR Audit Checklist

Stay Compliant: Ensure that your business is following all the necessary laws and regulations so you can avoid government fines and penalties.

Mitigate Risks: Identify potential HR-related risks early on and take proactive measures to address them.

Boost Efficiency: Streamline your HR processes to save time and resources.

Enhance Employee Satisfaction: Keep your team happy, engaged, and productive.

Align with Business Goals: Ensure that your HR practices support your overall business objectives.


Our Comprehensive HR Audit Checklist
102 Items Includes

  • Posting and Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Hiring
  • Employee Compensation and Classification
  • Communications
  • Personnel Files
  • Training
  • Handbooks and Work Rules
  • Workplace Safety
  • Employee Performance and Discipline
  • Termination    

Take the first step towards optimizing your HR operations.

Make sure your organization is following all the federal, state and local employment regulations so you’re not hit with avoidable fines or legal troubles for accidentally breaking labor laws. 

Download HR Allies’ free HR Audit Checklist so you can find any weak spots in your HR processes and then fix them before the government (or a disgruntled employee’s lawyer) scrutinizes them themselves.

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Danielle M. Verderosa (SPHR, SHRM-SCP) is the Founder and President of HR Allies, a human resources consulting firm specializing in building HR programs for small, growth-oriented organizations. Her mission is to protect the interests of the business with scalable HR processes that comply with labor laws and support their effective recruitment, retention, and management of a quality workforce. She has 25 years of HR experience in the hospitality, senior living, and defense security industries.

Most recently a Vice President of Human Resources for a 107-year old contract management services company with more than 4,000 employees, Danielle has the HR industry’s top professional credentials and has been the recipient of several national awards honoring her integrity, leadership, and business excellence.

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