Our Human Resources experts navigate the complexities of local, state, and federal HR compliance requirements for small businesses, allowing owners and executives to remain focused on their core business — not HR risk.

You know your business inside and out, but are you aware of the human resources traps your company could fall into? With a long and growing list of federal and state employer requirements, you need an Ally to navigate the complex and often costly HR compliance issues that challenge small businesses. HR Allies protects you from human resources liability so you can stay focused on your own business success.

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Why Hire HR Allies?

HR Allies is singularly-focused on protecting small businesses throughout the employer/employee relationship.

Powered by a proprietary and comprehensive “Alliance Defense” process, HR Allies provides your company with customized yet affordable & cost-effective HR foundations for your new employees.  Our solutions help start each new employee relationship out on Day 1 in a way that protects the interests of your company, reduces HR risk by complying with local, state and federal employment requirements that cover employers of all sizes, helps discourage future plaintiff attorney involvement, and promotes employee retention.

HR Allies provides business owners direct access to creative, subject-matter-expert advice on how to solve their employee issues, including navigation through legally-required employer actions — at a fraction of the cost of hiring a labor attorney.

Each of our consultants has 20+ years of practical Human Resources experience and the top HR industry credentials, and we make it affordable for your small business to use our high-level expertise.

Our Story

HR Allies was founded by a woman who had spent more than 25 years working in the Human Resources department of large hospitality, senior living, and warehouse/manufacturing companies with lots of employee complaints and drama.

Believing that all employers — not just large corporations — deserved to be protected from the costly risk of mishandling of employee situations and government employer requirements, she left her Vice President of Human Resources position to form HR Allies.

Today, HR Allies provides that same high-level HR expertise to small business owners who don’t have an HR expert on staff. We offer a practical, expert, and compliant approach to complex employee situations so our clients can mitigate their Human Resources liability like bad-fit hires, turnover, and violations of the growing number of employment laws.

Our goal is to serve Small Business Owners who want to diminish the cost and headaches of distracting, prolonged employee drama so that they can focus on the success of their company.

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